Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time for gardening - Il tempo per il giardinaggio

In questi giorni non ho molto tempo per i miei disegni,la mia piccolina non sta tanto bene e mi occupo molto di lei,cosi posto un disegno che avevo fato con arrivo di primavera e mai pubblicato.


In these days I do not have much time for my drawings, my little girl was badly of health and I spend a lot of time taking care of her, so I place a drawing that I made for spring arrival and never published.


Rossana said...

È meraviglioso.
Tu dovresti fare un successo enorme, sei bravissima.

Snezana said...

Rossana,grazie,ma credimi ma mi basterebbe molto meno,qualche cliente qua e la per "arrotondare"!
(P.S.sto lavorando su una cosa per Luna,ti farò sapere).

Kathy said...

Rossana, I can imagine what it's like to don't find enough time to draw. But when I saw this one or like that one for theater I really want to buy one drawing of you...or is there a way to have some drawing from you. May'be I can print one for you that you like and we can chance ;) What do you think.
Take care
X Kathy

Snezana said...

Kathy,thank you( :)you have mistaken my name),I am really flattered and I like your offer,tell me which drawing do you like and I will send it to you on your e-mail(big size)and than you can print it(I have a problem whit my printer),And I will choose one of yours,O.K.?
P.S.For now I am not selling,but in a few months I will make that also.

Dintoons said...

lovely illos, like the fact that they are mostly in classic black n white, makes them so much more childlike and adorable!
and wishing your little girl a speedy recovery!

Kathy De Wit said...

Ohhh Snezana, I'm sorry, I your name above in the other comment and writed the other name.
So, thanks a lot for your suggesting! I really like your idea and I already watched your drawings...and I think I choosed one, but still not sure. I have some very busy days! And after that I will select one!
You can choose yours, I will print it :) and send it to your homeadress!
Just give me your direccion on
Hear you soon!
x Kathy

Snezana said...

Ciao Kathy,I will contact you on your e-mail, soon!

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