Friday, February 21, 2014

Saluti da Berlino-Greetings from Berlin

New custom portrait on his way to Berlin!Colored pencils,ink and graphite on paper.

Ultimo ritratto commissionato già in viaggio per il Berlino!Matite colorate,inchiostro e graphite sulla carta.


Meido said...

Bellissima Berlino, la adoro!

illustration poetry said...

Hello beautiful lady (and the cat), sorry for my very late reply because i have this on-off relationship with my blog!

Your work is just stunning okay of course i would be very honored if you illustrate my silly dumb face ahah thank you very much you're very kind to me ^____^

much love XXXXXOOOOOO,

illustration poetry said...

i am on G+

you can see a little photo of me, let me know if you are on G+ too i'll add you!

tynt script